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At the APPCO 2013 awards show


Supreme Leather Camp Caps

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Supreme introduces their new leather Camp caps for its Spring/Summer 2013 collection. These caps feature a full leather upper and brim, and even more interesting is the Supreme tag on the front panel comes in an all black tonal leather gold lettering. The caps will come in four colorways and are now available here.

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Through out 2012, I have been very keen on vibrant and striking screen print t-shirts. My obsession with screen prints lead me to buy a Versace for H&M stampa palm tee which was one of my favorite pieces out of the famous collaboration. This year isn’t any different with new and upcoming designers showing their creativity to create pieces in their SS13 ranges.

At NO.5 is a t-shirt worn by my business partner and friend abe. He purchased the shirt from a store in the manchester city centre called DEEP. The shirt is a mixture of elements of a bandana print and delicate black floral prints. This combination works well together as they merge to create a spiral effect on the sleeves and shoulders. I also appreciate the fact that this is a long sleeve tee shirt which almost exaggerates the print in a way that attracts the eye.

At NO.4 is a tee from Ovidius. From what I know about this brand, it is Uk based. This tee is very effective when it comes to portraying a unique and very much real graphical message. The image looks like an explosion in process which is mirrored on each side of the tee. This is had to make the list as its a must have for me.

AT NO.3 is a tee from pray for paris. Pray for Paris has been renowned for using the Egyptian icon on their tees. This piece is my favorite out of their range.


AT NO.2 is a tee from the versace collab with H&M. The stampa palm tee is one of the most vibrant tees from last year. My favourite aspect of the tee is the palm trees on the sides of the tee which start from under the sleeves and drop down to the bottom of the tee. The tee is also covered in little crocodiles which add to the agricultural feel of the tee

AT NO.1 is a piece from Katy Eary. Katy Eary is a very talented London based designer who’s collections never fail to impress her consumers. Her shirts have been worn by the likes of A$AP Rocky and Theophilus London who are two of the most influential faces in fashion for hip-hop listeners.

Leave comments on what order you prefer and any other t-shirts I may have used as an alternative to my current choices.

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